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SCENARIO. "Let's see, the fixed asset inventory is due again? Just when Spring course scheduling needs to be resolved? And the latest student recruiting efforts have yielded a ton of contacts for follow-up phone calls and emails. And the development office is calling for cold-call assistance. And now the VC needs yet another budget projection and projected enrollment figures for next summer, and it is still only September!"

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  • A well designed cross-platform database system for academic record keeping and document production with an Internet interface, can increase efficiency, ease of use, improved reporting, consistency, accuracy, productivity, and dependability.
  • Yet, departments and schools often have impractical solutions using different word processing and spreadsheet software, which evolved out of necessity and may have been pieced together over many years through many personnel changes.
  • Student recruitment and document generation are crucial to higher education success.
  • Any successful department and school student record system will include student data and all letters and other documents that must be produced from the point of initial inquiry or contact through degree completion.
  • At the time of graduation, alumni contact becomes important and should become part of the system.
  • Well-managed course scheduling and faculty load letter production are crucial for higher education success.

FMPRO2GO assists academic units in planning and managing the design, development, operation and maintenance of information. FMPRO2GO also is committed to assisting non-profit charitable organizations devoted to children.  

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