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"I am not really sure what I need, but I do know that this job should be easier. I am not really a 'techie' but I could use some help here . . ."

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  • We can design everything from a single database - with or without web interface - to a complete office system.
  • We can build a plan for record keeping and document production for quick response time.
  • We can include an interactive web interface for potential students to receive quick access to information and all application materials.
  • We can create a cross-platform modular database and web interface system that includes student recruitment and all current student records.
  • All documents produced by a particular system can be included within the database solution.
  • Multiple reports required by a particular system, faculty information, record keeping and document production can be included within the database solution.
  • Course scheduling and faculty load letter production is another one of our specialty areas.
  • Current institutional methods can be included in our product design for university departments and schools, requiring little change in existing methodology.

FMPRO2GO assists academic units in planning and managing the design, development, operation and maintenance of information. FMPRO2GO also is committed to assisting non-profit charitable organizations devoted to children.  

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