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SCENARIO. How much paper crosses your desk in one day, in a week, in a month - and is filed by a loyal secretary and easily retrieved by that person? But, can you find what you need while you are on the phone responding to an urgent call from across campus? And your efficient assistant is taking a few moments of personal time? And the call is from a vice chancellor's office that needs to be impressed with your organization and efficiency?

With simple document scanning and a well constructed database, documents can be available through a mouse click or two in portable document format (PDF), or in MS WORD, on your own desktop, while you are on the phone making an indelible positive impression.

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FMPRO2GO uses advanced database and web techniques to:
  • facilitate improved academic information management;
  • enable better academic office procedures;
  • improve academic data collection, storage, and retrieval;
  • provide better data support for academic units;
  • assist academic units in achieving their own missions more effectively;
  • create a positive working environment and improved office morale;
  • assist non-profit charitable organizations, especially those devoted to children.

FMPRO2GO assists academic units in planning and managing the design, development, operation and maintenance of information. FMPRO2GO also is committed to assisting non-profit charitable organizations devoted to children.  

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