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SCENARIO. It's 4 pm and you have just returned from a meeting with undergraduate and graduate admissions people. The topic concerns everyone: declining enrollment in critical programmatic areas. Your own department is not insulated from the effects of competition with other colleges and universities. You ponder, "How can we compete? Is there a recruiting methodology that we might use that others are not using?" "Of course," you think, "the time factor! We can get there first! When the student we are interested in first contacts us, we can bring it all together in a matter of days - other schools may take weeks to respond."

You open up your new FileMaker Pro® database from FMPRO2GO LLC that is used to track all inquiry information and provide immediate follow-up to student inquiries. You realize that you do have the tools that you need to create an immediate response system for student inquiries. All you have to do is explain this to your efficient assistant and it will begin working for you.

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FMPRO2GO assists academic units in planning and managing the design, development, operation and maintenance of information. FMPRO2GO also is committed to assisting non-profit charitable organizations devoted to children.  

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